By default, Kweb will handle all paths under /, but this may not be desirable if you have other Ktor route handlers. This config option allows you to add a prefix to the Kweb route handler, e.g. /my_kweb_site, so that only URLs under that path will be handled by Kweb.

    cfg.urlPathPrefix = ""
path("/users/{userId}") { } // will be accessible at /users/1234

cfg.urlPathPrefix = "/my_kweb_site"
path("/my_kweb_site/users/{userId}") { } // will be accessible at /my_kweb_site/users/1234

cfg.urlPathPrefix = "/my_kweb_site"
path("/users/{userId}") { } // Will **NOT** be accessible

The path used for the WebSocket connection (/kweb_ws) and static assets (/kweb_static/) will be unaffected by this setting.